Upgrades in a Downgrade

Change doesn’t have to be random, chance, unexpected or beyond you and you are caught off guard!

You make a difference. Your faith and words are mighty and moving by virtue of the work of Christ. Differentiate yourself based on facts found in the finished work of Jesus! The past is over. The new has come. You are the new! His power works mightily in you.

Though most change seems to be sudden and instantaneous don’t ignore the fact that a process has been in place often going on behind the obvious. The process, be it long or short, brings about the change. Every process has a cause, a beginning, a trigger. Life gives power to thoughts, habits and processes. Our goal is to no longer give birth out of our past! New Life gives birth to new thoughts, new habits, new processes and innovations.

When we desire to create the future, how do we really do so? Thoughts and habits are the tools by which we change and build a better future. Is it time to upgrade your tools? Giving yourself to prayer, regular connections of fellowship and remembering that the new has come are essential habits in your tool bag.

You aren’t a victim any more.

Let’s build together as we build with our Maker.