The Vision Room » Everything is an Experiment

I don’t often take another bloggers work to press, but this is worth the read. It gives fresh cause for living outside the box strategies for life, business and ministry.

The Vision Room » Everything is an Experiment.

I trust you enjoy.

Michael L. Bachmeyer


Say it with me, “Awe”.

A brilliant white core is encircled by thick dust lanes in this spiral galaxy, seen edge-on. The galaxy is 50,000 light-years across and 28 million light years from Earth.

I am struck with awe. Not the kind of awe that goes with “that’s so cute”, but the kind that stops my heart and bends my mind.

I am in awe at the thought of the reality of a great God! I am awed by the thought that the Mind who put all this matter into motion is actually at work in my daily affairs. I am awed with the thought that such a Mind also has a heart that knows and cares about the things that bring pains and the things that bring me delights.

To those who just aren’t so stirred I would challenge you to try “some awe”! (Simplicity intended.)

I sense that we as created beings are best served by regular stretches of mind and heart with the cognizance “awe”. How can one achieve such stretching? By attempting the impossible.

  • Attempt to grasp the all-inclusive awesomeness of God. His love, His patience and His mercy go far beyond anything we experience in an ordinary day in our natural and fallen world.
  • Attempt to understand how the stars are hung in place, how the earth remains on its course around the sun.
  • Attempt to realize the size and beauty of formations captured by the Hubble Telescope . Images that are far beyond not only our solar system, but our galaxy!
  • Attempt to take in the miracle of a new born baby.
  • Attempt to figure out how a word spoken at the right time can bring healing and hope.
  • Attempt to comprehend how a seed springs to life in the cradle of warm, moist soil to produce a 100 times its self.

Then, begin to release from your heart the expressions of awe toward Him. We use our two, three and four syllable words. Some things are just left unanswered for us. Some things are intended to be beyond the reach of human abilities. These same things are the seeds of awe that leave us looking up and looking in with wonder and fresh faith in the Creator!

Try some AWE! It’s good for the head and it’s good for the heart!