New Life. Enduring Hope.

New Life by sean_hickin
New Life, a photo by sean_hickin on Flickr.

You know its coming!

Spring, with life and restoration over winter’s hardship, is now in process. Wait for it. Believe through it. Work with it. Win by it!

May this season bring you peace, abundance and courage in ever increasing waves!


The Day the Egg Stood Up

equinoxThis is the day!  This is the day when the celestial forces within our solar system are in perfect alignment for the egg to take it’s stand!

You know what I’m talking about. You probably did it in fourth grade science. Only in the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring when the Sun is directly overhead at the Equator applying its gravitational pull equally upon the earth at both the northern and southern hemisphere. Something within this alignment allows you, as the “Scientist”, to demonstrate this Equinox effect on the lowly egg. It only happens during this time. I’ve tried. The egg won’t stand up any other day. This is the day of opportunity for the egg to take a stand! But the egg can’t do it without you. It needs you to take action!

Are you waiting for a similar alignment? Maybe not among the planets in seaonal alignment, but in opportunities to present themselves; for circumstances to change or people to get out of your way. 

The alignment you may be looking for is not among the planets out there. The alignment needed is in here-in your own mind and spirit. Christ took a stand being in alignment with the Father’s will. The impact of His alignment still stands today!

Take a lesson from the egg. Be ready when the time comes. Have faith. Be strong and courageous. Move when He moves. All things work together for the good to those who love God. Stand up. Take your stand. Go into action and see what you can really do!

The challenge for most of us is not in knowing what to do. It is in maintaining a sense of urgency to turn intention into action.

Today is the day! And if it isn’t today…be ready to take your stand!

Take your stand! You will be glad you did.

Living a Mission or Filling a Role

At LifeSpring Church our mission is to bring people to Jesus and, as a connection to his family develop them into Christ like maturity and empower them for their life mission in the world and ministry in the church, so that God’s name is lifted up throughout the earth.

In short our role in our community is to bring people to Jesus and to bring Jesus to people as a connection to a meaningful life of mission and service to God and others. 

Life @ Reality 2009What is your personal mission? It is an important questions because as I see it, missions determine roles.

If you think you are here by accident to do whatever; or if you feel that your life is not a big deal, then I would suggest that you have convinced yourself to be mediocre and blasé. Because it is a big deal! You are not here to merely fill a series of roles that are random and disjointed. You are placed here and now with a mission!

As a believer in an incredible God who does nothing by accident, but everything on purpose how can we let life slip by day after day with little or no regard for our WHY? The artist BonJovi sings “I don’t want to be just another wave in the ocean; I want to be a rock, not just another grain of sand.”

The Creator did not throw ideas into a soupy pot and hope for the best. He was and is intentional. He spoke deliberate words and with great power put worlds in place and put a dreaming soul in every human being. He was and is purposeful and has an end in mind! All of life is to be lived to bring glory, (which is praise, honor, regard, awe and reverent respect) to Him who governs and maintains every unit of matter in the entire universe for our benefit! 

Roles serve a purpose. However, a mission builds connectivity for past roles and a basis for choosing roles in the future. Let’s live like that. Let’s be intentional and purposeful about WHY we are here. If you haven’t yet taken time to think through and write out a personal mission statement begin today!