Durable424. What’s that Mean?


Some readers have asked me, “What do you mean by durable424?”

By durable I mean resilient, strong, enduring, true, able, remain, unrelenting, courageous, determined and faithful.

Let me be clear. There is a huge difference from being durable in spirit and being hardened in heart. (But that is another conversation.)

Whether you are an athlete slogging through long, torturous hours of training and sacrifice; or you are a parent suffering through long nights of anxiety over a wayward child, durability is one of your defining qualities.

A durable spirit is the key. Physical endurance and emotional toughness are secondary to a durable spirit. As a person of faith it is my experience that durability is possible, not by determination or will, but by faith. Determination requires grit and effort. This exhausts me. It wears me out leaving me feel like I can’t.

The human heart can suffer many things and continue to survive out of pure will. My goal is to walk with you through the pits and falls, hardships and fellowships that life brings. That you walk life out of an abundantly durable spirit, not as a survivor; rather as an overcomer! You have likely encountered more difficulty already than you had planned for. I would suggest by the shear fact you are still here reading deeper, that you are more durable than you have imagined.

What about 424? Every day, in 24 hour cycles, life calls us to new challenges. The truth is you are durable. In this moment. Not you in yourself, but you in Jesus Christ. He has made a way through faith for indestructible life to build new reality within you. Through the exchange personal identity is no longer based on parentage or ancestry, but on the nature of Christ in you. Every moment let the reality of that truth be present. Let that reality birth new responses to old challenges. Let the reality of Christ in you be your hope of glory and a better future.

The writer of the book of Hebrews (7:14-15) referring to Jesus’ power to overcome and endure states it to this affect- that a priest has appeared..

“…one who has become a priest not on the basis of a regulation as to his ancestry but on the basis of the power of an indestructible life.” From the Greek the original means indestructible, indissoluble. The Message Bible refers to “the sheer force of resurrection life.”

This is Spirit and Life. The new nature is durable for every point of test or trial. For now. For 24. For 7. For 365.

Durable424 is a state of being.

  • It is worshiping when others worry.
  • It is praying when you’d rather pout.
  • It is staying connected when it’s inviting to leave.
  • It is trusting God for breakthrough when blaming, accusing and complaining is more popular.

Durable people trust and wait for God to speak or God to move first.

With Him, you can be durable.


The View from a Sparrow’s Nest

What’s to be learned from a sparrow’s nest?

I like nice things. Not just things, but nice things. To me, nice things are those things that have a simple design with quality and longevity in mind. Usually, but not always, they are made of finer quality materials. Nice things are conceived with usefulness in their design. It’s not just a thing, it has a purpose. I enjoy having nice things in my home, garage and car.

I also like nice places. Places where simplicity, quality and permanence seem to be in the air. You can almost smell it. You can taste it. I’ve been to our nation’s capital and I have witnessed simplicity, quality and permanence there. I have been to Starved Rock Lodge in Northern Illinois and I have seen it there. I have had the opportunity to walk through Westminster Abbey in London and felt the sense of permanence with quality and simplicity. I have been to the Rocky Mountains on numerous occasions and I felt it among the majestic peaks and tall pines.

I’m talking about indulging yourself with that sense of awe that comes from being in splendor. It’s that awareness that I am so small and frail compared to the strength, grandeur and permanence around me. It’s similar to looking into the dark sky and being absorbed into the deepness of space by the wonder of it all. It is overwhelming. Suddenly, your heart and shoes your standing in are not big enough! We can’t get enough of that!

So, what can a bird’s nest teach us? A bird’s nest would hardly be classified among most nice things. Sticks, straw, mud. Yet, the sparrow has found a home herself; a nest where she will lay her young. A sparrow’s nest, built near the altar in the house of God (Psalm 84). David saw that simple sight one day and he was consumed by it. Living in the presence of God with a constant view of His majesty and permanence overwhelmed him.

I pray we never lose the ability to draw close; to wrap ourselves in the awe of worship. To those who believe, he is precious…and is to be welcomed into life and heart. His presence makes even the sparrow’s nest a place of majesty!

Oh, the simplicity, the quality and the longevity of the sparrow’s nest. Now, that’s a nice place!

I want to live like that!